Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cowboys Rookie LB Tears Achilles on Wednesday

Caleb McSurdy, of the Dallas Cowboys, tore his Achilles Wednesday at practice during a defensive drill.  This could definitely end his season and make it tough for the Cowboys since Orie Lemon and Isaiah Greenhouse are also both out with injuries.

The Achilles tendon is the large cord like structure on the back of the leg just above the heel. It is the largest tendon in the body and has a tremendous amount of force transmitted through it during walking, running and jumping activities. The Achilles tendon is prone to injury, including rupture during periods of increased stress and activity.Surgical repair is the most common treatment producing the greatest return to function and activity level.  Recovery from this injury is usually very successful with return to full function in approximately 6 months.

If you or someone you know feels like they got hit with a baseball bat in the back of the leg or heel during athletic activity please do not hesitate to call the Doctors at Gulfcoast Foot and Ankle Center at 239-566-8800.

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  1. Thanks Mickey for the prompt and excellent care you and your staff provided from diagnosis to surgery of my torn Achilles Tendon! I am very thankful you're my Dr....Doc!
    And a special thanks to Drs. Austin and Adarve for their comcern and surgical excellence!