Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help for chronic pain, neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy!

We want to thank Dr. Brooke Austin for bringing us information on the Micro Z Silver Thera Stockings that will help so many of our patients who suffer from chronic pain, neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy. This is going to make so many of our patients so much more comfortable and improve the quality of their day to day life.
Great Job! Dr. Austin

Prevent Amputations

Amputations among People with
Diabetes Can Be Reduced by 50%

Every 30 seconds somebody in the world is amputated as a consequence of foot complication due to diabetes. A new study at Sahlgrenska Academy confirmes that shoe inserts, podiatry, regular checkups and other simple interventions can reduce the number of amputations by more than 50%.
Orthotic researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, have studied diabetic foot complications ever since 2008. They have focused on protecting the foot from overloading the foot sole in order to minimize the risk of ulcers , which may eventually lead to amputation.