Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Does My Big Toe Joint Hurt Part 3

Well folks, its official....I had my first pain free run in months!  I was about a mile into my run yesterday and I thought to myself, "Wow my toe doesnt hurt a bit!"  I ran 3 10 minute miles and my toe is not sore at all today.  Other parts of my body...well that is a different story.  Dr. Gordon is truly special and has helped me a lot.  I am a firm believer of orthotics now.  Also I have noticed that when I walk up stairs the cracking and popping in my knees has decreased dramatically!  Im only 30 so that is a GREAT thing.

Today I developed blisters on my heels from my stupid dress shoes.  I put my orthotics in them but I didnt take the shoe inserts out.  I think that may be the trick.  My shoes were rubbing too high on my heels. toe still doesnt hurt so that is a big plus.  Its all trial and error.  Who knows maybe I will get my husband to dish out some cash for better dress shoes that my orthotics fit nicely in.  Its a medical necessity right????!!!!

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