Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dont ignore your foot problems

Health Tip: Alert a Podiatrist to Foot Problems

Don't just ignore them
Posted: October 12, 2010

(HealthDay News) -- Problems with your feet shouldn't be ignored. They can get worse over time, and can signal trouble elsewhere.

The American Podiatric Medical Association mentions these issues that should be discussed with a podiatrist:

•An open sore or ulcer on the feet, as they can indicate problems such as high blood pressure, sickle cell disease or a blood vessel condition.

•Swelling of the feet, which can indicate problems with the heart, circulatory system or kidneys.

•A burning sensation in the feet, which may indicate poor circulation.

These underlying medical issues also should be discussed with a podiatrist:

•Cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, which could lead to insufficient blood flow to the feet.

•Rheumatic heart disease, as medications used to treat it may interfere with some medications used to treat foot problems.

•Diabetes, as it may affect sensation and circulation in the feet.

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